What A Year…

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well that was 2010!  What a weird year!  We came, we saw and we concurred that The Naked Covers was ‘a moveable feast’.  Steve’s birthday bash was a blast and our last 2010 Fandango… an Epiphany and a Cacophony all at the same time.  Note to self: must sound check longer!  (still, the feedback from Steve was excellent, and check out some recordings of the gig on our ‘listen’ page, courtesy of the fantastic Don Dawber – Janine)

As I write I have a lingering ‘lurgy’ that won’t go away.  I sang through it at a little ‘moonlighting sonata’ in Lymm on the last Tuesday of 2010 (what?! without me? – Janine) but I’m feeling the pinch now when I cough.  Yuch!

We’re spread across the globe for Xmas but hope you had fun, with your near and your dear ones.

New songs and blue songs and songs to sing you, happiness, no more, no less!?  We’ve made some serious progress in 2010.  Hope it’s been a good year for you too.

See you in 2011 for more Fireworks…

Luke xx


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