Beena’s Birthday Bash

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well that was definitely a Triple B’day if ever there was one!  Beena’s Birthday Bash got off to a slightly dodgy start when we couldn’t get in to the venue (The Carlton Club – Whalley Range).  The temperature dropped as the afternoon sky darkened and the roars went up at Old Trafford, to signify that Manchester United were, perhaps, having a slightly more comfortable afternoon than a third of The Naked Covers (still can’t feel my toes – Janine).

Fortunately the gunshot soundscape at 15:45 turned out to be fireworks (are you sure?! – Janine).  Beena mobilised the troops and a team was despatched to gather intelligence on the whereabouts of our contact and provide moral support, for those of us with an inadvertent waiting brief.  Eventually Checkpoint Charlie was reached and he arrived and opened the door, about 10 mins after another 2/3’s of TNC had rocked up in the car park and hit the pause button.

Rehearsals are never the easiest of things to organise for TNC.  Janine’s extremely complicated but very effective availability spreadsheet can bear witness to that fact, eh Janine Genie? (no comment – Janine).  It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that TNC’s First Lady regularly has to work her magic to get us all in the same room, at the same time, at least regularly enough to know what we’re meant to be doing.  Sticks man, Dave, was on a different Continent in the run up to the gig and everyone else had their usual busy schedules, so this one was a particularly tricky ‘fog plait’ and we only had 2 days of rehearsals scheduled ahead of the gig.  Then it got worse.

Your writer, reader has been toiling with Voice Over and Commentary on the British Supermoto Championships for Motors TV over the last 8 weeks.  Fortunately for me I don’t have to edit it but the unfortunate souls that do, were afflicted with a rather nasty technical glitch a week ago, where two hard drives went down, each containing about 30 hours of digitised footage.  That meant the edit was suddenly very behind and Wednesday’s scheduled TNC rehearsal had to make way for a Voice Over recording that finished at 03:30 on Thursday morning.  I’m still yawning now… (go to bed! – Janine).

Thursday night’s rehearsal went relatively hiccup free apart from the small matter of a pothole and a blow out on the way home.  Cheers to Dave for road side rescue, a true knight.  Oh yeah, Michael’s bass cab passed away as well, so he needed to acquire a new one on Saturday before the gig.  No biggie!?

So when Saturday comes, Michael’s in the music shop, ‘Sounds Expensive’, to buy his replacement bass gear and tells the helpful shop assistant, “I need to buy a new bass speaker.”  The helpful shop assistant is standing in front of a leviathan bank of bass amplification stuff.  “Sorry sir, we don’t stock them.”  He replies.  “We’d have to order one for you.”  Michael is apoplectic.  Chris, our keyboard player (being the technically informed one amongst us) points out that Michael really needed to buy a bass cab.  Michael protests his innocence.  “But if I’d asked him for a bass cabinet, would he have presumed I just wanted the wooden box!?”  The defence rests M’Lawd! (LOL – Janine)

Michael rocked up to the gig in a cab with his, erm, new cab.  It looked and sounded great and fortuitously came with wheels on, which is a bonus, a bit like the cab it came in.  Ohh this is getting confusing… Andy arrived straight from Centre Parcs – above and beyond the call of duty that one and a big thanks to the family Harley for the 24 hour pass!  Once Chris had wrestled the PA in to submission, we made up for Wednesday’s missed rehearsal and were about ready to rock.  A quick bite to eat was slightly marred by confusion in Jam Street Cafe, so we retired to the local Indian and were suitably nourished.  Eating just before a gig is never the best of ideas for this Singist.  Janine, 2 hours minimum next time and I might be safe, please remind me! (noted – Janine)

The gig went without a hitch, apart from me ending up wearing half a pint of larger and getting my fingers trapped between a door handle and the pint pot, in between sets.  Could have been worse though, the young lady was very apologetic and at least the glass didn’t smash!  Speaking of smashing, a big shout has to go out to Ali and Laura who smashed it with their version of “Happy Birthday in Da house” with a dash of Marylin, for Beena and Manny whose birthday it was too.  Cheers me dears. x



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