Jo & John’s Wedding – Rookery Hall

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well that was the first gig of 2011.  It was also the first outing for bass player Michael and drummer Dave on backing vocals…

There was a little trepidation in pre gig rehearsals as they were press ganged into making a singing contribution. John from our rehearsal studios, The Shed, was repeatedly amused when setting up the mics, as Dave spent weeks deliberating whether having the mic on his hi-hat side, or his ride side was more beneficial…

Meanwhile Michael sang ‘We Shall Overcome’, or other slightly non-rock ‘n’ roll ditties, in order to sound check the vocal levels, with complete aplomb and Dave and Janine joined in accordingly. There is Methodism in the madness…and it is indeed very functional.  Progress, no less, was indeed made at a staggering rate of knots and Dave had to be repeatedly de-volumised, because when he was drumming (ie in Animal mode) he was about 200% louder than when he was eating a banana and sound checking his mic level in reclined mode.

The sound desk in our rehearsal studio has over 200 knobs to control everything and once John (our trusty rehearsal guru) has left us to our own devices, your writer reader, is left in control. It goes without saying that 200 in to 1 do not go and I need a lie down once we’ve finished rehearsing but we get there; eventually.

Live and Let Die, AKA Live and lest ye forget by Wings and Cee-Lo Green’s Forget You were amongst the requests for the wedding set list and we were exceptional at remembering to forget how to play them in early rehearsals. In the greatest traditions of treading the boards, it was all perfectly alright on the night, as we prepared to peak when we needed to peak, and peak we did.

A big shout has to go out to Simon and Warwick our ‘Soundies’. You’re a pair of gems and we sparkle far more when you are with us – we miss you when you’re not. A big ‘TA’ to you two! xx

Chris (keys) and Andy (guitar) were their usual robust and reliable selves on the night with ‘Live and Let Die’ in keeping with Michael’s ‘We shall overcome approach’, it’s a bit tricky but we got there!!!

Another big shout to our resident ‘Genie’ Janine for working her magic and organising everything… we’d never all be in the right place at the right time without you making sure that we are… call sheet attached.  The B. vox rocked, so all that hard work has paid off!  Still a few creases to attend to but we have an iron to hand…

For my part I drove there and back again, sang in the middle, made a few oppps’s and drove home again without breaking a speed limit, or committing any other traffic related offence, detected or un-detected.  My recent trip to Winsford, for driver awareness training, appears to have done the trick!!

And finally a big thanks to Jo and John.  A big shout out has to go to The Bride With Boundless Energy, as out of the 29 songs we played, Jo sat out 3 of them, so we must have got something right…


Luke xx


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