It’s been a funny journey…

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s been a funny journey to get this far… to our first gig as The Naked Covers at the Bollywood Arts Centre in deepest, darkest Cheshire. It was only dark because England were just so dire, with their 0-0 World Cup performance, alongside whoever the other lot were, (Janine… you gotta help me out, yeahea!?) (it was Algeria – Janine) just before we made our TNC debut. It’s been nearly 2 years, 3 leaving do’s, 4 backing singers and a BBC Xmas party in the making but finally we ended up with the Slinky 6 (speak for yourself! – Janine).

I think I had 3 weeks to learn the 16 song set before our first gig on 2nd July 2008 as… Doh! What were we called? (Janine… you gotta help me out, yeahea!? Again! Usual story of my forgetfulness) (I’ve lost track of all our previous names! – Janine) (Luke note: just remembered Fundamental Lists) and there were 10 of us in the band: 5 singists and 5 instrumentalists. That takes some organising (tell me about it! – Janine) and we were never all in the same room together until the gig, which was nice. We pulled it off though and then everyone went their separate ways for 3 months, until we got the call from the Official (Hugh) Faupel Parting Party Committee and Michael and the Angels was born, under instruction to perform on 11th Dec 2008!? That one went well as well; even though the instrumentalists ddwibdlled [David is that Welsh or just a typo?] I think I meant dwdindled, or was it dwindled? Yes the instrumentalists dwindled to 4 and the singers subsided to 3. But it worked again, with rehearsals sandwiched in between North West tonight tx and camera rehearsal schedules. The rhythm section was noted in dispatches to be cigarette paper tight that night, by one particularly venerable attendee.

Then gig number 3 reared its head for 30th September 2009 and we were back with another squad change, as the set list and the playing staff were refreshed and rotated once again and the Bollington Boyo’s came on board with a hiatus of numbers that meant rehearsals relocated to Bollington and the now traditional pub de-brief was born. The gig was a flyer and Aled (Jones, no less – Janine) wanted to know why the singist wasn’t a full timer… long story that one! On the back of that gig we agreed to give it a go, without the presence of a leaving do being obligatory and found ourselves at the BBC Xmas party, minus 1 guitarerer (‘guitarist’?! – Janine), as the warm up act for the Karaoke! (ably led by Mr James Donnan – Janine). It was a very strange night and a personal kernel for your writer reader but the general consensus was that we blew everyone away and the night was a legend in our own lunch times until the Xmas and New Year break came and went and the memories faded along with the passing of the decade.

As the balloon went up on 2009 there was rest, recuperation and complete chaos but we eventually regrouped just as winter gave way to spring and by now the singists were down to a dynamic duo. We crashed, bashed and thrashed our way through the jungle of uncertainty that was the set list, until we arrived at a new set that sounded like a favourite old jumper that you’ve just found in a drawer, dyed pink and sprinkled with glue and glitter. 3 weeks before the Bollington gig we weren’t ready! Purely because we hadn’t been able to get everyone in the same country at the same time, never mind the same room but we had a plan and planted ourselves within the legendary nursing climbs of the Greenhouse and despite a nasty viral infection, we tripped the light fantastic at our coming out party, with Bollywood new beginnings.

To be continued…



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